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Our Services


We offer……

  • Study guidance to choose the appropriate course and University according to academic background.
  • Admissions in vast range of principles e.g. Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Nursing, Business Management, Chinese Language etc.
  • Scholarships to students meeting the criterion of university.
  • Visa Assistance for students and their relatives who want to see them while they’re in China.
  • Pre-arrival guidance, about climate, culture and life styles, which would help you to get settled in China.
  • Assistance in lodging, getting residence permit etc.
  • Assistance in case of any problem encountered during study.
  • Career guidance and work placement in more than 12 countries including USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates.

1. Study guidance panel for free advice for students and their parents.

2. Specialist Legal representative to help solving any problem regarding visa, residence   permit etc.

3. During study assistance to get registration as a Doctor or Engineer in students home country.

4. Reasonable charges for valuable services.

5. Assistance throughout the study and after graduation work placement.



  • 1. Not enough places available in Medical or Engineering universities in their home country.
  • 2. Entrance requirements are too high to enter university in the home countries.
  • 3. Low quality education and university disruptions due to political unrest.
  • 4. Lack of infrastructure in home countries to facilitate a recognized medical school.
  • 5. Extremely high fees of International faculties that often exceeds students budgets.