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Our Promise to Our Students


Regarding University Choice

We promise to our students that we will help them choose the best university for them, according to the fee affordance and location. This Service is free of cost for our all applicants.
We pay attention to all aspect of student and his/ family while making choice of university for them.

Regarding Settling in China

We help our students to cope with daily life in the begining, some students find it difficult to settle down in new enviorment and some find it difficlut to get used to Chinese life style.
We help our student in every way to make them as comfortable as possible. We want to make the best our of our students.

Regarding Problems Faced During Studies

We help our students to solve any problem face by them during the study period. We understand that our students are new in China and they don't have family or relatives, so Rise Study Advisors is their family and relatives in China, Come and join us and help each other for better today and tomorrow.

Regarding Visas for Parents/ Family Members/ Friends

We help to get the required documents for all of students family mebmbers. We look forward to see our studnet's family members in China. To make them experience China's life and see how we are doing our work.

Regarding Work Placement and Career Guidance

We help our students to take the licensing examinations such as USMLE, PLAB, AMC, MCC. We provide career guidance and work placements to our students after graduation.