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Rise Study Advisors offers a full range of services for students who wish to enrich their STUDY experience or require assistance in a variety of areas related to their educational and personal pursuits.

The focus of the Service is to assist students in dealing with personal, academic, and daily life concerns.

The varied challenges of university life and its demands may serve to create or elevate levels of personal distress, and this distress, in turn, may contribute to various degrees of personal, social and/or academic dysfunction. Our goal is to facilitate and develop personal effectiveness, self-understanding and problem-solving abilities, which will work to alleviate distress and enhance the achievement of students' individual, relational and academic goals.In all cases, we will do our best to help, or to assist you in finding help.

We Rise Study Advisors hope to ease your transition to a new school and a new home in a new country. Rise Study Advisors is a home away from home. When in difficulty, home is the first place you turn to; and so should we be the first place to turn to, when running into unexpected situations. We have a wealth of information on diverse issues. If we can't respond to an inquiry, we have all the key contacts to direct you to someone who can.

Rise Study Advisors has a wide range of knowledge and experience in many areas. Services include:

Travel arrangemtens

When you apply for your STUDY visa, OUR team will guide you at any embassy. You should not take any final steps, such as purchasing plane tickets, until your STUDY visa is approved. After you get your visa and tickets ,the next step is an international airport at the country where you wish to go .Our team will revieve you from the airport and will arrange transportation.

Cultural items from your home country

To minimize culture shock, having some items from home can help. Posters, flags, colorful calendars, books, slides, videos, music, clothes, pictures and maps are all items to think about bringing.

Packing for your trip

Never take more than you can carry, all by yourself, at one time. Take essentials only. Almost everything needed for life is available from walking distance from campus of all universities.

Rise Study Advisors Accommodation Booking Service

Qualified applicants can reserve university accommodations through Rise Study Advisors Accommodation Booking Service System. This service mainly provides options of student dormitories. Yet Rise Study Advisors will also direct you to choose nearby hotels if you are not interested in living on campus.

Yes, this service is FREE for students applying through Rise Study Advisors!


In case of insufficiency, we advise you to book accommodation once you receive the admission notice.

Some universities do not accept room reservation and adopts the rule of “First come, first served”. So Rise Study Advisors advises you to come early during the registration period.

Reservation Procedure

Step 1 Learning accommodation information

Step 2 Completing application form online

Step 3 Paying service fee of $100 (only for non-CUCAS users)

Step 4 Receiving reservation notice

Service Standard

Dorms will be reserved one working day after the form is submitted

The student will be informed by email once we receive the reservation notice

Reconfirmation will be made with the university before the student departs



Frequestnly Asked Questions

Under what conditions will my reservation fail?
The following two conditions might result in unsuccessful room reservation: Your university provides no on-campus dormitory; Insufficiency of dorms.

Can I live off campus?
It is allowed by many Chinese universities.

Can I ask my family to live with me on campus?
It is allowed by certain Chinese universities.

I ticked Single Room in my application form, why a double room reservation is shown instead?
Due to insufficiency, your university cannot meet all students' requirements. If you agree to accept room transfer, Rise Study Advisors will book double room to guarantee your accommodation on campus.

Will the accommodation fee be adjusted when I arrive?
Information on Rise Study Advisors and in other relevant documents is all gathered from the university, which is for your reference only. It is subject to change during the registration..

Can I check in before the registration period?
Some universities allow students to come before the registration date.

What should I do if I miss the registration?
Universities require students to register on time. If you were not on time, you should make immediate contact with Rise Study Advisors or your university to ask for permission. Otherwise, you will be deemed as giving up enrollment.

I didn't book accommodation. What should I do if there is no room when I arrive?
Rise Study Advisors advises students to book accommodation beforehand. If there is no room after your arrival, please contact ISO at the university or Rise Study Advisors for help. We can find you accommodation information off campus.